Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On our side...?

Another photo that the current leadership of the Conservative Party would rather you didn't see emerged at the weekend...

Here it is.


Michael Oakeshott said...

Who cares? I am rather glad he went to a decent university. I think you will find most people don't care about this. The same as it wouldn't matter if he had been a binman in his spare time at university. It is called inverted snobbery Phil. But I excuse your behaviour on grounds of desperation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah..who does care.

I only went to Lincoln Uni but who cares.

fairdealphil said...


of course it doesn't matter which uni the Tory Toffs went to, though I'd be interested to know which ones you consider not to be "decent".

it's not where they went, it's what they did while they were there that seems to cause them problems.

Note, it was the Mail, yes, the Mail, - not me - that said the following:

"The Tories' attempt to build a classless image has hit another obstacle as Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, like his leader David Cameron, was "outed" as a member of the hellraising Bullingdon club at Oxford University.

"The society, infamous for "trashing" restaurants and other riotous behaviour, is open only to sons of aristocratic families and the super-rich.

Thanks for excusing my "behaviour" which was of course disgraceful, lol. Do you also forgive the Mail?

Michael Oakeshott said...

Phil - if it doesn't matter where they went, then why do we keep getting these feeble posts and you calling them the "Tory Toffs"? Would you object to me calling you a peasant? I think so. My suggestion would be to grow up. The way you hide behind others' insinuations is feeble. What do you mean exactly by "it's what they did". What exactly did any members of the Shadow Cabinet do? Or do you just not know what you are talking about?

I don't care what the Mail says. If I did, I would write to them. It is you, not they, who are responsible for the feeble post that appeared on your blog yesterday. Is this all you have? No wonder people have given up on Labour.

On the universities. I have said it before. Most UK universities are sub-standard. The exam system has been devalued before and especially during the last ten years. A degree now means nothing unless it comes from a good university(about a third of them are worhty of respect).

enigman said...

Michael, you are clearly missing the main point here. It's about the Bullingdon Club not the University. I went to the very same University as Cameron and was disgusted by the Bullingdon Club. Most people at the University are not members of it and all my friends were disgusted by it.

The Bullingdon Club gives the rest of us a bad name. It is a disgraceful rabble that take pleasure in smashing up pubs and restaurants and belittling the staff that work there.

If you'd ever seen these hooligans in action you would know that there's far more to their 'elite' club than just dressing up like the toffs that they are.

They were marauding bullies who looked down their noses at anyone who wasn't aristocracy. They made me feel sick when I was at University and I saw the chaos and violence they used to cause.

This has nothing to do with snobbery and everything to do with decency. Cameron was a member of an organised hooligan squad that took pleasure in terrifying local people and thought they could cover it up with cash.

Brynley said...

Fascinating stuff, Enigman.

How do the Bullingdon Club work? When they are trashing a restaurant do they leave a card like the Inter-City firm?

If they do not need to do so, then they must be sufficiently obvious to enable the owner to refuse them service....or is their complicity?

Michael Oakeshott said...

All very well Enigman, but it would make me wonder why the word "Toff" is constantly used. I fear it is you who misses the real point.

fairdealphil said...


are you for real?

i challenge anyone to have a look at the photo in question and tell me with a straight face - if you can - that the word "toff" is not appropriate to the dandy prats pictured in fancy dress...


Michael Oakeshott said...

Inverted snobbery Phil. Very serious. A form of mindless bigotry and envy. Proof that the so-called "working" classes have never changed. Plebs.

Brynley said...

Interesting comment from Michael.

He finds the word 'toff' bigoted even when applied to the Bullingdon Club.

But he is always on about plebs himself.

Perhaps it's something in his background.