Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Redwood lets Cameron's cuts cat out of the bag...

Senior Tory MP John Redwood has let the Cameron cat out of the bag by predicting even more swingeing cuts than the Conservative Leader admits he is planning.

Yesterday, Tory treasury spokesman Philip Hammond admitted that the Tories were planning cuts to public services of £1.5 BILLION this year.

This was after David Cameron, clearly rattled by polls which showed Labour closing the gap, started pretending that early Tory cuts would not be as massive as he had earlier indicated.

Today, Prime Minister Gordon Brown made it clear that cutting the deficit this year - as the Tories are determined to do - would choke off the economic recovery and plunge the economy into a 'double dip' recession.

Cutting the deficit this year would see more businesses going under, repossessions and job losses.

Tonight, John Redwood was asked on Sky News if £1.5 BILLION in cuts in 2010 was about right.this year.

Redwood's response: 'Oh I think it will be more than that...'‏


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So where would Geoffrey's axe start slashing public services right here in Lincolnshire?