Friday, February 05, 2010

Guess who's sick of Cameron's spin and smiles...?

Who's sick of 'happy chappy Dave' leading the Conservative Party with 'all this PR stuff, smiling at everyone and saying everything people want to hear...'

Former Tory Minister David Mellor, that's who!

Mellor was asked on BBC's 'This Week' programme whether he thought David Cameron 'had it in him' to lead our country.

His revealing reply: 'I don't know.'

Hardly a resounding vote of confidence.

The fact that even a former Conservative Minister can see through Cameron's spin and doesn't know what his party stands for anymore, surely demonstrates that Cameron's Conservatives are not fit to govern Britain.

David Mellor went on:'The issue for David Cameron's Conservatives is, do the Tories stand for anything that the public is going to get excited about...'

He said that under Cameron's 'leadership' voters 'don't really know what the Tories are all about.'

I hope he's wrong and that voters know precisely what the Tories are all about..

You only have to listen to David Cameron and Boy George Osborne to understand what:

1. They are about the same as they were when Mellor was a Government Minister.

2. They are about imposing immediate damaging cuts to vital public services that would pull the rug from under the fragile economic recovery.

3. They are about bringing back the cruel 'sport' of ripping foxes apart with packs of dogs.

4. They are about giving a tax-break to the richest few estates in the country while cutting Child Tax Credits for the many and slashing funding for the network of SureStart Childrens Centres built by Labour!

5. And yes, Mr Mellor, Cameron's Tories are about all this PR stuff, smiling at everyone and saying anything people want to hear.

Who will forget the pictures of Dave riding his bike to work to demonstrate his 'green' credentials, while his chauffeur follows behind in the limo!

Same old Tories, eh?


Anonymous said...

Stop scaremongering Phil.

Admit it:

The writing is on the wall and your beloved party's days are numbered.

Keep reading my regular letters in the Daily Express to see why.

Hope you are well.

fairdealphil said...

Not me scaremongering Geoffrey - it was a bloke called David Mellor who went on telly to say that no-one knows what Cameron's Conservatives stand for except his spin and smiles...

Last time I looked, Mellor was a Tory ex-Minister!!

Hope the Express are paying you for your letters. Bet they wouldn't use one from me!!

You may be right that Labour is the underdog going into this election Geoffrey, but maybe even you can see that it's all to play for, and the is no evidence that the British people have signed the deal with Cameron - as they clearly had done with Blair at well before this stage in 97.

With best wishes.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Express?
It's not fit to wipe your arse on!