Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cameron candidate who quit, attacks party 'dinosaurs' and says she'll stand after all...

One of David Cameron's so-called 'A' list candidates who dramatically threw in the towel last night now says she will stand after all - just 24 hours after resigning and accusing some in her Party of being 'dinosaurs'...

Who can she be talking about...?

Seems Eric Pickles, the rotund Party chairman turned up at a meeting of Westminster North Constituency Conservatives last night in an attempt to close-down bitter in-fighting in the Party.

After working his magic, Mr Pickles had managed to inflame the situation so much that he managed to leave with the resignation of the wife of the unlikely named Octavius Black, one his Eton pals?

David Cameron was no doubt less than chuffed with Mr Pickles, and was apparently busy making phone calls to repair the damage today.

He reportedly originally foisted the partner of the said Octavius onto Westminster North Tories, causing bad blood among Westminster Tories.

The London Standard says the Tories have been scrambling today to rescue her political career after it descended into chaos.

As Tories squabbled, no doubt the very able Karen Buck, Labour's MP for the area, was quietly getting on with the important work of representing the people of Westminster North.

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Anonymous said...

Great name, Octavius Black - sounds like a Harry Potter character!