Thursday, February 04, 2010

Stats Authority slams Conservative Crime Con...

Sky News reporting that the chairman of the UK Statistics Authority has officially rebuked Cameron's Conservatives over their scaremongering tactics over violent crime (as I posted HERE.

In a letter sent to David Cameron, the UK Stats Authority says the Tory attempt to show violent crime had risen is misleading and a misuse of statistics.

The UK Stats Authority questions why the Tories did not use the well respected British Crime Survey figures.

The answer of course is obvious...

Because the independent BCS shows that violent crime has in fact HALVED in recent years.

The Tory fox is now well and truly shot.

So no more 'Broken Britain' bollox Mr Cameron.

UPDATE: How The Times is reporting the story.

UPDATE 2: The BBC's Mark Easton gives his take on the rebuke for the Tories and says the Stats Authority takes issue with the claims Chris Grayling made on the Tpoday programme yesterday.

Watch this space for the Tory apology. But don't hold your breath!

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