Saturday, November 25, 2006

MP Tom says top Tory blogger owes me apology...

Tom Watson MP (left) says top Tory blogger and would-be MP Iain Dale (right) owes me an apology for repeating the untruthful allegations against me published by the Mail-on-Sunday last February.

Iain was one of the first in the world of blog to repeat the libellous lies and promote the Mail-on-Sunday's dodgy story. Iain gave credibility to the false claims by saying that the person who made them ran an "excellent" weblog.

Iain did not comment when the "excellent" weblog was closed down shortly after I issued legal proceedings against its author and against the Mail-on-Sunday.

I emailed Iain after the High Court hearing this week when the Mail-on-Sunday apologised to me and paid me damages after admitting there wasn't a shred of truth in their story. I hoped he might do the decent thing.

Haven't heard back yet.

Meantime, the official apology by the Mail-on-Sunday has just appeared on the Mail website where it will stay for 14 days under the terms of the settlement of my libel claim.

Iain's done a lot to promote higher standards and decency in political blogging, so I'm sure I'll be hearing from him in due course...


Anonymous said...

Far be it from me to defend Iain Dale. I find his blog predictable and tedious, and his sycophancy for Cameron is nauseating. But...

Your story seems to lack any link to anything Dale has said. You say he gave credibility to the claims by saying the person who made them ran an excellent weblog. Maybe the person does run an excellent weblog. Should Dale not mention this, just because the person made an allegation that you at the time denied? Should he say the weblog was bad, just not to upset you? Should everyone base their views of the quality of this weblog on the fact that you were a bit upset about someone they said? I think not.

Dale did not mention a weblog being closed down. How many weblog are there? Tens of millions I expect. Should he report on all of their eventual closures? Or just the ones you think? Who writes Dale's or him?

In other words Phil, your post is just more hot air. A desperate attempt to perpetuate a story that has drawn more people here than usual. If Dale apologises for anything you claim, then he is a fool.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Phil that Iain's website offers a decent and, in the main, balanced commentary on politics. I do hope he contacts you.

I also hope your feet are back on the ground after your momentous victory against that ghastly newspaper group. Their comment on the PM's wife (and most people associated with the Labour Party) over many years has been highly personal and extremely offensive. It makes me want to remove the voluntary codes covering the press and introduce legislation.

I did try and read the original article - it seems to have been removed. Once again - I am delighted you took the action and that your colleagues on the Council have been supportive. It all helps when you have been through such an experience.

Iain Dale said...

Phil, If I had repeated the allegations against you I am sure you would have had me in the dock as well. I did not. So, what exactly have I got to apologise for?!!

Having said that, well done for having the balls to take it to court and win. Not many would have seen it through to the bitter end.

Now, what are you going to spend your loot on? A badly needed new design for your blog perhaps?!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard what Gibbs is up to these days?

He used to comment on loads of blogs, I guess he must still read them. So Richard. What's your explanation for writing lies in that stupid article? Don't you look like a silly little boy now?

Let's face it, his "political" career is in ruins, I can't imagine the Tories will go near him now.

And as for his blogger profile where he describes himself as a "political commentator" - well I can't imagine he's got much credibility left in that field either.

What a gimp.

Anonymous said...

I'm still around.

Actually doing very well indeed for myself. The private sector pays very well. Thank you for your concern.

Anonymous said...

Where is your blog Richard? Iain Dale says it is very good, and I wanted to check it out.

Anonymous said...


I gave up blogging to concentrate on my new career. Am earning an absolute fortune. Phil's "substantial" damages were a few hours wages.

Anonymous said...

Am glad you got out of the state sector. I hated Labour so much I leftg the country. Hopefully you can see the flaws in socialism now. Only parasites work for this Government. Tell us about the time when Ken Bigley was executed, and the Labour liars spent the afternoon working out how to avoid the blame.

Anonymous said...

As you are so busy being successful Richard, I am surprised you even have time to read this blog! I suspect your are still a sad boy sitting in your parents house blogging under some new assumed identity. ps lets hope no one finds out where you work as I am sure they do not know your history of lies and deceit don't suppose you want to share with us the title of your new generic private sector job? pps could that be a lie as well?