Monday, November 06, 2006

Is Tory policy crazy as Tory MP Quentin says...?

The Labour Party is calling on all Conservative MPs who failed to support their leadership's call for an immediate Iraq enquiry to say whether they agree with Quentin Davis MP who branded their party's policy as 'crazy'.

Labour have published a full list of the senior Tory MPs who joined Stamford and Grantham MP Mr Davies in failing to support the Tory leadership's decision to follow the Nationalists in their motion.

Mr Davies went on to say that he was 'amazed' and 'sorry' about Cameron's stance on these serious matters and that soldiers in Iraq would have been amazed as well.


Hughes Views said...

Tory policy? What's that then? I didn't think 'nice-boy' Dave approved of that sort of thing...

Anonymous said...

Those who abstained are the Tory MPs that I admire. Michael Mates, Patrick McCormack, John Bercow et al. Interests of the country matters to them.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to get an inquiry AFTER the war is over? From what I understand, Blair's failure to promise this was the reason why the Tories voted the way they did. What is the reason for not promising an inquiry AFTER withdrawal? Or will you make up a reason when the time comes?

Anonymous said...

It would make a more interesting blog if Fairdealphil gave us his opinion from time to time.

We can guess that Phil is with Quentin Davies on this one, but he prefers to push the easier angle about how Quentin Davies and Dave Cameron disagree?

Having the postmortem on Iraq is much more useful NOW.

Parliament is evading its clear duty to the British people, if it is postponed until ex-premier Blair is working the American lecture curcuit.

Anonymous said...

You are having a go at Quentin Davies when you really agree with him.

This sort of game playing is what turns people off party politics.

If, in your opinion, Quentin is right, then you should say so.

fairdealphil said...


YES. YES. YES. I agree with Quentin on this one.

His party was crazy - his words - in going into the voting lobby with the Nats.

fairdealphil said...


i agree that the Government should be accountable for its actions.

as well as the four separate inquiries so far, we also had a General Election last year.

(Blair won again).

Anonymous said...

Didn't Bush have a election after going to war? But then socialism is nothing if not hypocrisy. I supported the war in Iraq, but even I know the inquiries were a farce. The attempt to implicate the Tories in this Labour-made mess would be amusing if it weren't for the blood on the hands of Blair and his Labour cronies.