Wednesday, November 08, 2006

21-year-old dies driving 192mph super-racer on A16

How tragic to read of a 21-year-old killed while driving a Lamborghini sports car on our local roads.

When I saw the horrific wreck on the front page of this week’s Lincolnshire Free Press, I thought the car looked more suited to a racetrack than the A16 at Spalding where the tragedy happened.

Charlotte Chinn was driving her husband’s car on Saturday evening when it collided with a Ford Fiesta. The 17 year old Fiesta driver had to be cut out of the wreckage by fire-fighters. He has since been released from Boston hospital.

I looked up the Lamborghini sales brochure on the internet. The car Charlotte was driving appears to be a Gallardo model, a extreme lightweight compact two-seater supersports, powered by a massive V10, five-litre engine. One of its selling points is that is
as suitable for driving on race tracks as it is on long distance journeys and city roads
The £130,000 supercar produces a staggering 500 brake horse power – ten times more powerful than a standard Fiesta!

The brochure also claims a top speed of a breath-taking 192 miles per hour.

For all I know, Charlotte may have been an qualified advanced driver or race-qualified in some way and there is of course no suggestion that either she or the Fiesta driver were breaking the speed limit.

In fact, I have no knowledge of the fatal crash other than what I have read in the Free Press, so perhaps I’ve already said enough, particularly at this time when her friends and family will still be trying to come to terms with such a terrible loss.

I believe Charlotte was the 58th victim to die this year on Lincolnshire's roads.

The 59th lost his life last night in Lincoln.


Anonymous said...

As you say, we've no idea of the cause or the crash or, in particular, whether either car was speeding, but I do wonder whether such a small, lightweight contraption can ever protect the occupant(s) from any collision. Even if both cars were travelling within the speed limit, a head-on collision will have a closing speed of 120mph! In such a vehicle (which could well be mid-engined, with the mass of a 5-litre power plant behind the driver), that does not bear thinking about.

It is very sad indeed, especially for her husband, whose vehicle it was. He must be feeling quite dreadful.

No doubt the facts will come out in due course, but nothing will change the tragedy of the loss of another local young life on the local roads.

Anonymous said...

I too read the Lincolnshire Free Press and this is a very sad story - hardly a suitable car to be driving on our roads i fear.Obviously it must be particularly distressing for her husband and family and such a waste of such a young life.On another subject whilst flicking through the paper I saw a big advert on the jobs today page from the appointments commission advertising for a new non executive board for the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.Ive been away for a while - have i missed something on the hospital story - what happened to the old board and are things getting resolved at ULHT or is it still the mess it was earlier this year.Any thoughts anyone?

fairdealphil said...


thank you for your comment.

i can confirm that the massive 5-litre 'power plant' in this superlight-weight sports model is 'mid-engined.

Anonymous said...

im sorry but all those of you who are commenting on the fact that should she have been driving the lambo at only 21, dont tell me if u had the chance to have it you woundnt do the same! she wasnt speeding as she had only just pulled out of a junction! there alot of people who are deeply upset and it would have made no difference what car she was driving would it, it was a tragic accident and i feel to sorry for all her family and friends!! what happendend couldnt be helped! and i think her husband has much more to worry about than his car, if she wasnt safe he wouldnt have let her drive it!

Anonymous said...

I have made no comment whatsoever on who should have been driving what and at what speed. Can I make that clear, please? I have no idea of the cause of the accident, but I do believe that a vehicle of that construction is a very unfortunate one in which to have had the accident - but I am even prepared to be proved wrong about that. I do believe that it is a terrible, terrible tragedy.