Thursday, November 02, 2006

Can someone please tell me, is this a genuine scam, or what?

I wasn’t the only one to be caught by the telephone scam that wasn’t.

But I'm now totally confused, as the Lincolnshire Echoreports that there is a similar variant in circulation that asks residents to call an extortionate premium rate phone line.

I removed my warning on the scam at the request of ICSTIS, the premium rate service regulator, who assured me that the scam was no longer operating and that the warning was a false one.

But the Echo carries an interview with ICSTIS that seems to contradict that view.

The Echo reports an ICSTIS spokesperson as saying: who says:
"This is a totally unacceptable practice and we are determined to stamp it out.

"We managed to track Parcel Delivery Services to a firm in Belize and we have frozen their activities, but the DeSotto Delivery example is the most recent and is being circulated now.

"Everyone needs to be vigilant of any variation on the scam, especially in the run up to Christmas when it is likely to be used more.

"Please report it if you receive one of these letters."
The Echo goes on to quote Lincolnshire Trading Standards officer Andy Bukavs said county residents and businessmen need to stay on their toes.

He confirms:

"There have been a number of cases recently and we need people to report them as soon as they receive the communication,"
And he adds:
"It is very easy to fall foul of these scams.”
I know exactly what he means…


Anonymous said...

What we need to do on hearing of these scams is NOT to "tell everyone you know" but to check the ICSTIS website and if it is not already there (and it almost certainly will be, given tne millions of people who live here) report it to ICSTIS and ONLY to ICSTIS. That will stop the actual scam. Stopping the chainmail that will continue to circulate for months and years afterwards is another problem and, although cheaper, still a ***** pain!

fairdealphil said...


sounds good advice to me...!

i'll certainly be more cautious next time...

Anonymous said...

Lot's of SPAM! That's why it's called "spam".