Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thank You...magnifying glass at the ready

I’ve spent most of the 72-hours since winning my libel action against the Mail-on-Sunday replying to hundreds of messages of support.

So may I say thank you here to all well-wishes wherever you are, and whatever your politics. The past nine months have not been easy, but at times like this you find out who your real friends are.

Some of the warmest well-wishes have come from Conservatives who I oppose on Lincolnshire County Council – but I promise not to blight their political careers by naming them!

I’d also like to thank the local media here in Lincolnshire for helping me clear my name by publicising the outcome of the High Court case.

It’s one thing to win a libel before a High Court judge, but many people will remember the damaging allegations printed about me in the Mail on Sunday last February.

In the High Court of Justice on Wednesday, The Mail on Sunday finally admitted there was not a grain of truth to their story. They apologised, paid my legal fees and substantial damages.

So a special thanks to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph, The Bourne Local (sorry no link) and the Lincolnshire Echo – our county evening newspaper owned by Associated Newspapers who also own the Mail-on-Sunday.

There’s a big difference between the local media who are broadly responsible and the national tabloids who have little regard for the facts and obsessed with a political agenda.

Meanwhile, I'll be getting my magnifying glass out to find the apology the Mail on Sunday have to print tomorrow as part of the High court settlement.


Anonymous said...

It's tiny and difficult to find on the MoS website:

On 12 February, 2006, we reported that Philip Dilks, a Labour Party press officer, had kicked a teenage girl who teased him as he carried out political campaign work in Newcastle in 2004.

We now accept that neither Mr Dilks nor any of his colleagues kicked anyone nor knows of any such incident.

We have apologised to Mr Dilks in the High Court and agreed to pay damages and legal costs.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I kind-of like the way they sort-of admit to having to be taken to court before they apologize ...