Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Get your very own 'hug-a-hoodie' for Christmas...

Want to follow David Cameron’s ‘hug-a-hoodie’ advice but not sure where to start…? Well, I’ve found just what you’re looking for at our local Deeping St James Exchange gift shop.

Among the coffee mugs decorated with pictures of Priory Church, and tee-shirts celebrating our village, there’s something called an urban hoodie for sale with a Christmas discount.

It looks as if it needs a good hug.

Conservative Leader David Cameron said in the summer that we should all hug-a-hoodie. Last week he went even further and urged us all to love-a-lout.

In a bizarre speech, the man who wants to be in charge of running our country went totally soft on crime: Cameron said society needs to show a lot more love to young criminals in order to steer them away from crime and misbehaviour.

Personally, I think he’s lost the plot. Crime has fallen here in Lincolnshire and across the country, but we still have too much crime on our streets, particularly anti-social behaviour.

Cameron’s idea that we could cut violent crime if only we took time to cuddle criminals is dangerous nonsense and demonstrates his scary lack of leadership and judgement.

I don’t think anyone who advocates hugging hoodies or loving louts can be trusted to run our country.

But you don’t have to take my word. Former Sunday Express editor and Conservative Press Secretary Amanda Platell wrote in the Daily Mail:

…what is becoming increasingly clear is how utterly out of touch Cameron is with the harsh realities of life for millions of families in modern Britain…

…You’d have thought Cameron could have some sympathy for the ordinary, decent people who they have victimised.

But no. In true Sunshine style, he sees the criminals as the real victims.

Sunshine Dave - a marketing confection lacking all conviction.
I wasn’t at all surprised to read in The Telegraph that Cameron’s Love-a-Lout speech was written by his fellow old Etonian, Danny Kruger.

I reckon the pair spent too much time day-dreaming at Eton and not enough in the real world.

But I’m sure they’d appreciate an urban hoodie from the dsj-exchange gift shop which they could hug to their heart’s content.

It’s green, which is of course one of colours Mr Cameron is trying to be.

So far, he’s proved to be very green in one place: behind his ears.


Anonymous said...

I prefer Blair's idea. "Pay a junkie". Thousands of taxpayers money, Keynesianism for the heroin market, very good Labour,

Anonymous said...

Michael - Fully concur, after all whats another three quarters of a million of taxpayers money.Just because these poor luvs suffered some withdrawl symptons.What about the victims of crime - they never get properly compensated.Labour are as usual tough on the causes of crime whilst using our money.Then again by Christmas we will see our dear leader TB hugging a policeman for real - hopefully on his way to the cells over the loans scandal.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Phil wants it both ways.

A few posts back and Dave Cameron is an unreconstructed Thatcherite pretending to be a caring guy.

Now he's telling us that Dave Cameron is far too caring and needs to toughen up his act.

So which is it, Phil?

Anonymous said...

If a junkie paid the Labour Party would he or she get a peerage in return?

Anonymous said...

Only if they paid the full amount. No reductions, or under the counter payments. They are corrupt you know, not dishonest!

fairdealphil said...


That's the trouble with Dave the Chameleon.

He wants to be all colours: he's claimed to be the true heir to Blair, he's claimed to be the real Liberal, and he's claimed to be Green all over.

Did you watch the mouths of the twin-set and pearl ladies at Tory Conference sink to the floor when he embraced same-sex marriage, and then clap politely!

They're desperately hoping he only comes in one colour - true blue.

fairdealphil said...


It's probably passed you by, but could you tell us why a certain Mr Edmiston (key player at Midlands Industrial Council - see my archive) who donated a £1 million to Cameron's Conservatives was nominated for a peerage by, er, the Conservative Party?

Anonymous said...

After todays Queens Speech and all these so called bills on Crime,immigration and terrorism it is clear Labour are taking us closer and closer to a police state.This is totalitarian to the point of hysteria.Lets scare the population to death as they did with Weapons of mass destruction ready to blast us into kingdom come in 45 minutes.If this government enforced the laws it had passed over the last 9 years it would have no need for more legislation in this area.We will be hearing lots about bogeymen over the next few months since it is the only message the party can use which is to scare the electorate into voting Labour.It simply isnt going to wash as your head office in London already knows from its recent polling in key marginals.The public is angry with Labour and in May you will see how angry.You didnt address the issues Phil of £3/4 million of our money going to pay off our junkies for having to suffer a little cold turkey but then Labour believe they have more rights than ordinary decent working class people like my family.

Anonymous said...

Fairdealphil with more class hatred...

Tried old rubbish. The point about the Opposition nominating for peerages. If the Government think there is dishonesty or corruption, or even doubt that there is a valid reason for awarding a peerage, they have the right and duty to stop the award. If, in the unlikely event this businessman - with an entirely honourable record, who donated to an entirely legal organisation in an entirely legal way - was corrupt, then Labour helped him.

All your hot air about the MIC is merely an attempt to distract attention attention from the corruption that runs to number 10, and even most Labour supporters here would recognise that.

By the way Phil I am saving up for a peerage for my father for Xmas. How much does Tony want? And is cash OK?

fairdealphil said...


cash in brown paper envelopes, you say...

now who comes to mind...

er, jailbird Jeffrey Archer. Didn't he pay a prostitute a couple of grand in a brown envelope to disappear...?

Archer was definitely Tory Party chairman, but not when he was in prison.

or praps you're thinking of jailbird Jonathan Aitken...what was his phrase before he went to prison...oh yes, ...the simple sword of truth.

cash for questions...a certain Mr Hamilton comes to mind.

Donors and peerages...try Mr Edmiston of Midlands Industrial Council. Tory donor. Nominated by for peerage by the Tories.

Anonymous said...

Keep whistling Phil...

My slur on Labour was unfair, I am sure they have moved corruption into the electronic age. What is clear is that your leaders are being mentioned with the likes of Aitken, Archer and Hamilton. I never defended them, and I won't defend Blair, Levy and the others. Am quite surprised you are, most of the Labour machine see them as the sinking ships they are. All aboard!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for plugging my shop, Phil. Shall I create some in red as well?