Monday, September 18, 2006

Jamie Oliver reveals why our schools can't cook hot dinners...

Just watched Jamie Oliver's "Return to School Dinners" and now see why Tory Trish is in a flip. Trish would have hated hearing Jamie blame Maggie Thatcher for getting rid of most school kitchens in Lincolnshire schools. But he was spot on the dinner money.

One of Thatcher's first acts was to remove the obligation on local education authorities to provide school meals.

For Lincolnshire Tories, it was manna from heaven. While many inner city schools carried on providing hot dinners, kitchens in Lincolnshire schools were closed down wholesale and hot dinners scrapped.

Here in the Deepings for example, the new Linchfield Primary School was just being completed - it was built with a fully fitted kitchen which was then state of the art.

But as a result of Thatcher's Education Act of 1980, not a single meal was ever cooked at the Linchfield kitchen.

Today, nine out of ten primary schools across Lincolnshire have no facility to provide a hot school meal.

Everyone recalls that Maggie was "Margaret Thatcher: School Milk Snatcher" when she ended free school milk as Education Secretary in the early 1970s.

But few realise that particularly across the Tory shire counties, she had an even more devastating impact.

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