Monday, September 04, 2006

Secret Tory donations probe - mystery million came from Lincolnshire village

Mystery donations to the Conservative Party of almost £1 million have been made by an organisation registered at a terraced house in a Lincolnshire village, according to yesterday's Observer.

The Observer reported:

David Cameron is under pressure to end the secrecy surrounding his financial backers after it emerged this weekend that he received a donation from a mysterious group of businessmen but never declared it to the House of Commons authorities.

Days after Cameron became Tory leader, his constituency association in Witney received a £5,500 cheque from a group called the Midlands Industrial Council (MIC).

In the past three years the MIC has made 50 donations to MPs and Conservative Central Office totalling more than £950,000, yet the Tories have not revealed who is behind the organisation.

Little information is available about the MIC, which is registered to a terraced house in a Lincolnshire village.

This year a former Labour MP, Peter Bradley, accused secretive 'front' organisations like the MIC of buying seats in the Commons by directing funds to marginal seats.

Labour party chairman Hazel Blears said: 'It is time David Cameron brought this shadowy organisation into the light.

'The more we learn about Tory funding, the more questions arise that Cameron must answer...Will he name its members, publish its accounts and show how much each individual has given to the Conservatives? Cameron must end the culture of secrecy that continues to surround Tory funding.'

Full Observer story HERE

Hat-tip to the Ridiculous Politics blog.


Anonymous said...

The Midlands Industrial Council is apparently lead by Robert Edmiston, a successful businessman whose interests include the firm importing Subaru, Isuzu and Daihatsu cars.

In his spare time he supports an evangelical Christian Charity, Christian Vision who are keen on getting creationism (the idea that the world was made a few thousand years ago) into City Academy schools.

Car business? Creationism in Schools?

Sounds like Blair's mate, Reg Vardy. What are these guys up to?

fairdealphil said...


Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the Midlands Industrial Council.

I assume you are a member!!!

Anonymous said...

'Fraid my membership has lapsed, Phil.