Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Original Tory "A" lister Archer make his comeback

With his usual impeccable timing, jailbird "Lord" Jeffrey Archer appears to be attempting to make a comeback into public life.

Former Tory chairman Archer is speaking out on Radio Four's PM programme tonight in a campaign to change the laws to allow female succession to the Throne.

I expect Archer - captain of the original Tory "A" list - Archer, Aitken, Ashcroft et al - has lots of friends in the Royal family.

After all, he spent a long holiday at Her Majesty's pleasure here in Lincolnshire - when he was incarcerated at North Sea Camp prison.

Bet the Tories are rubbing their hands in glee to hear that Jeffrey's back on the media.

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Anonymous said...

Another quiet day on the Labour front.

So let's talk about that sizzling hot topic, the Ruskington take-away kid himself, Jeffrey Archer.

To really understand the man (should you want to, for some reason) read Michael Crick's book "Stranger than Fiction", which delivers the goods on Jeffrey.

It's about who he really is. There's a clue in the title.