Saturday, September 02, 2006

Skeggy's Bruno is a national KO

Remember this contender for best silly season story?

It was about the search for Britain's top beach donkey.

Today: the sequel. The BBC report that the hunt is over.

I can reveal that the finest beach donkey in the country is Bruno, who works the beach at Skegness.

I hope the BBC don't mind me sharing their picture of Bruno with you. Isn't he simply a knock-out?

The judge, donkey expert Maggie Taylor who came all the way from Sidmouth, described Bruno as "a most magnificent donkey".

Another reason we should have pride in our great county of Lincolnshire...


Anonymous said...

Well done Skeggy.

Well done Bruno.

Know what I mean 'arry?

Does Bruno say that.

Anonymous said...

Don't you patronise me.

fairdealphil said...


Didn't realise donkeys blogged...

Anonymous said...

blogging donkeys ... hmm

Anonymous said...

I've been online for Donkey's Years.