Thursday, August 24, 2006

No Sense driving on the footpath

Driving on the footpath is illegal, dangerous and down right rude. But I never cease to be amazed at who does it. The latest offender to bump up the kerbs on our street was none other than SENSE, the Deepings-based charity that campaigns for the rights of deafblind people.

Their mini-bus straddled the pavement right outside my front window on Church Street at lunchtime today. And for the next ten minutes, its engine belched out exhaust fumes while a young female helper queued for a sandwich in the bakery.

It was clearly obstructing the footpath which is regularly used by parents with push-chairs - as well as a local resident who is blind.

Ironically, the sign on the back doors of the SENSE minibus warns drivers to show courtesy to disabled people by not parking within three metres of their vehicle.
SENSE does an amazing job for deafblind people. I'm proud that Sense are based here in the Deepings - which is why I have a link to their website here.

I was delighted a couple of years ago to see their work firsthand when I visited their Deepings premises with former Member of the European Parliament, the late Phillip Whitehead. We were both in total awe of the work they achieve.

But campaigning for one person's rights while infringing someone else's is not on.


Anonymous said...

You were awestruck. I was fairly impressed on my Virgin Train from Southampton to Birmingham this morning.

The baby changing arrangements are clearly labelled in English.

And then again on the baby changing table in braille.

Absolutely true, Phil.

fairdealphil said...

presume that's so they could be used by blind babies.