Thursday, August 17, 2006

Celebrating "A" level results

Just popped over to the house of a teenage neighbour to see how he fared with his GCE "A" level results which are out today.

He's chuffed to bits with his two A grades and one B: his well-earned passport to the University place he's been promised subject to today's results and a credit to Deepings Comprehensive School where my own two daughters were taught before they both trained to become teachers.

No doubt there'll be the usual doom mongers who explain ever improving results by saying exams are being dumbed down.

That's an insult to every young person - and their teachers.

The fact is children and teachers work harder and more effectively and deliver education more focused on individual needs than just a few years ago.

Standards are certainly far higher than when I left a so-called Secondary Modern School in the sixties with a couple of "O" levels.

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