Friday, August 25, 2006

Could cows with accents be silliest silly season story?

Could this win the prize for ‘silly season’ story of the year?

The headline writers at the Lincolnshire Echo had fun, coming up with: “Cows with Accents? It’s udderly ridiculous!”

The story begins:

“Farmers in Lincolnshire today claimed that cows can communicate their feelings by the tone of their moo….”

It goes on to talk about cows with regional accents and prize-winning classics such as:

"The phenomenon was noticed by members of the West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers Group,who put it down to the close bond between farmer and cow..."

Er, too much information for a family blog thank you.

Then there’s the Gainsborough farmer who doesn’t seem sure whether the whole thing is a wind-up, before getting into the spirit himself. He tells the Echo that his cows “have different moos depending upon their different moods.”

The good farmer says he’s never heard a cow with a regional accent, and anyway, his 200 diary cows are all bred on his farm so wouldn’t have different accents…

..Clearly proving the earlier point about close bonds.

And then this:

“You can certainly tell if a cow is happy or sad or if they are going to calve by the sound of their moo.”

So now we know how farmers tell that their cows are about to give birth.

Pull the udder one!


Anonymous said...

The Independent nominated this as one of the silliest stories of the silly season.

Unfortunately they did so on the same day that they dedicated the entire front and second pages of their own paper to a possible national shortage of conkers:

It's the silly season alright!

fairdealphil said...

i have a link to The Daily on my blogroll, but failed to pick up your links to the indy (and certainly didn't purchase one!).

i love the silly conkers story which has to have a chance of the title of silliest.

will credit you when i post again on silliness which i no doubt will do soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil - we'll put up a reciprocal link as soon as we get round to updating our links!