Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Money machines in church?

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Cash machines could be installed in local churches - like our very own Priory Church in DSJ - if clergy take up an idea by the Arch Deacon of Lincoln.

The Venerable Arthur Hawes has suggested in BBC interview that installing ATM - hole in the wall - machines would help increase usage of churches.

Puts a new meaning on collections in church.


Anonymous said...

First person to mention Mammon gets a thunderbolt.

fairdealphil said...

it were you brynley...hope you're still with us...!

Anonymous said...


I don't think we'll be getting one here! I've no intention of competing with the Post Office just down the path. The Archdeacon had in mind villages without banks or Post Offices, or buses to get to the same in nearby towns. There are many such villages in Lincolnshire and elsewhere - but the Church of England has a building in most of them.