Thursday, August 17, 2006

Deepings "A" Team

Excellent news from today's "A" level results at The Deepings School with every student achieving a pass rate in 24 out of the 30 subjects taken.

Without General Studies, a subject most Universities ignore when allocating places, overall Deepings School results are:
98% pass rate.
21% at grade A.
70% at A-C.
Average points score per pupil 317.

With General Studies included, Deepings results are:
96% pass rate.
17% at grade A.
62% at A-C.
Average points score per pupil 270.

I'm grateful to Chris Beckett for the information. Chris has just completed his first year as Head of Deepings School and it is clear that under his leadership, our local school will continue to do us all proud.

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