Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cameron's Tories select another Labour reject...!

Remember Tony Lit, the disastrous Tory candidate who flopped in last summer's Ealing Southall by-election...?

This photo of him posing with Tony Blair may jog your was snapped at a fundraiser for the Labour Party just days before David Cameron personally hand-picked him as the Conservative candidate.

Well, Cameron's Tories have done it again...They've selected another Labour reject for a high-profile seat.

The Mail-on-Sunday reveals that black businesswoman and lawyer Helen Grant, who was selected as Ann Widdecombe's successor in Maidstone earlier this week, is a former paid-up member of the Labour Party.

Having failed to get selected by Labour for a local council seat, she's now turned to Cameron's Tories and been selected in a parliamentary seat with a 14,000 Conservative majority.

At her selection earlier this week, Helen Grant was hailed as one of "Cameron's A-listers" and a statement on the Maidstone Conservatives website claims she is the embodiment of Conservative values

She's already launched her own website, but I can't find any mention on it of her Labour credentials.

Funny that.


Geoffrey G Brooking said...

If your'e reading the Mail on Sunday does that mean your'e next in line to jump ship Phil???

fairdealphil said...

Geoffrey: Sorry to disappoint but I won't be jumping ship.

I read the Mail on Sunday to see if i need to sue them again...!!

seriously though, you surely don't agree with Iain Dale and Co, that Helen Grant has won her Conservative selection "fair and square"?

Do you?