Saturday, January 16, 2010

BNP's Politics of Hate and Extremism

Three news stories this weekend demonstrate all you need to know about the racial hatred constantly stirred up by the extremist so-called 'British' National Party.


BNP Leader Nick Griffin has described British Government aid to the victims of the terrible Haiti earthquake as stinking elite hypocrisy, alleging that the British winter will claim more lives and 'there is no aid here'.

The truth is after 12 years of Labour Government, there is far more assistance than ever before for the most vulnerable in our society. For example, decent pensions, vastly increased winter fuel allowances and automatic cold weather payments to help pensioners keep the heating on when temperatures of zero or below are forecast for a week or more.

Good to see East Midlands MEP Glenis Willmott - Leader of the Labour Group in the EU - instantly rebutting and rubbishing Griffin's outburst.

There is nothing British about Griffin's odious response to the Haiti disaster - and the screams of dying victims - in one of the most impoverished nations on earth.

I'm certain that the generosity of the British people will shine through, reflect the aid already pledged to Haiti by the British Government, and show how non-British and out-of- touch with the British people Griffin really is.


Newly released crime figures demonstrate that reports of racial and religious hate crime rise wherever the BNP gets elected.


A racist ex-BNP nutter was jailed for 11 years for turning his bedroom into a bomb factory.

Here in Lincolnshire, I believe a Boston Borough councillor is the only member of the BNP to be elected.

IMHO, that's one too many.


Laban said...

Newly released crime figures demonstrate that reports of racial and religious hate crime rise wherever the BNP gets elected.

Be fair, Phil. According to the Guardian report :

"In eight wards reports of hate crime rose following BNP election wins despite a wider decline across the police force area. It declined in 14 wards, in line with force-wide reductions, and there was no change in four and an insignificant amount of data in three."

Up in 8, down in 14, no change/data in 5.

Now there are all kinds of arguments to be made about comparisons with wider force data, police classification of hate crime, incentives to report - all the issues which relate to the reporting of any type of crime. But whatever they tell us, these figures aren't demonstrating what you say they are.

fairdealphil said...


Thanks for your analysis.

I see the point you are make that in wards where the BNP was elected, reported hate crime was up in eight and down in 14.

But if there is a downward overall trend in reported hate crime, it is fair to ask what factors there are in common in the wards which have seen a rise.

One of those factors is election of the BNP which, while perhaps not scientifically conclusive, appears to be at least indicative.

I was also posting on two related issues - Griffin's comments on aid for Haiti and the ex-BNP nutter jailed for turning his bedroom into a bomb factory.

IMHO, the more I learn about the BNP, the less I like them.

Anonymous said...

i have heard they are contesting South Kestevan in the General Election!

Anonymous said...

On your twitter it says, Re the BNP... and why true Brits reject the BNP.... then in your blog you didn't explain, so tell us.
Also when you say Brits is that like saying Pakis?