Monday, January 11, 2010

And holding our 'local' council to account

Trying to get home to Deeping in time for a public meeting at the Community Centre where I hope we can hold our 'local' district council to account...

I want to ask South Kesteven District Council why they pulled the rug from under the extremely popular summer playscheme this year, which they have traditionally part funded. And more importantly, persuade them it's worth backing this year.

My own daughters enjoyed the playscheme when they were young so I know personally how valued the scheme is - even though it was almost a quarter of a century ago. Since then the playscheme has gone from strength to strength - despite a blip a few years ago when red tape almost strangled it.

Fortunately, it survived and SKDC continued to see its value by sharing the costs with our very own DSJ Parish Council and Market Deeping Town Council.

But last year SKDC changed their priorities and said they would concentrate on helping teenagers rather than younger kids.

They published a series of glossy leaflets and a programme of activities.

But guess what?

Nothing for the Deepings!

Fortunately, DSJ and MD councils stumped up the missing cash to make sure hundreds of youngsters and their parents were not disappointed and the playscheme had a bumper year at DSJ Primary School.

Now we're hoping those we elect to serve us as the Grantham based SKDC will do the decent thing in the coming summer and give the Deepings a fair deal!

I got stuck on the tube on my way home tonight, but fortunately, my parish council colleague, Judy 'the Rotweiller' Stevens will be at the Community Centre, so I know our voice will be heard loud and clear!

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