Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cutting SureStart is not the answer Mr Cameron...

If David Cameron really believes 'Britain is Broken', why would he cut one in five of the amazing SureStart Childrens Centres opened by Labour over the past ten years which now give hundreds of thousands of children a better start in life?

Despite Conservative attempts to exploit the horrific Edlington case, it is - thank goodness - extremely rare for nine-year-olds to be assaulted by their father with a golf club, grow up watching extreme violence, mutilation, pornography, see their mother beaten by their drunken father and threaten to slash her face, experience illegal drugs...

Lincolnshire benefits from three dozen of the 3,500 SureStart's delivered across the whole country by Labour over the past decade - including one here in The Deepings.

Cameron's cuts to vital public services like SureStart - and fewer police - would damage society, not make it better.

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