Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What on earth next...?

My daughter Claire lives across the border in Market Deeping, a lovely stroll along the banks of the River Welland (no passport needed)... Yesterday, she called in for a cuppa with my grandson Jack (aged six weeks, four days and eight hours).

When Claire reached the old stone bridge at Deeping St James, she took this snap on her mobile and emailed it to tell me to get the kettle on...

Talk about the advance of technology eh?

How on earth did we ever survive without mobile phones and the t'internet...?

And what wonders might be invented when young Jack's a Grand-dad...?


Anonymous said...

Hello phil,
from the photo they must have crosses 2 borders, Market Deeping - Deeping Gate - Deeping St James,Quite a bit of globetrotting at such an early age, looking at the transport it is obviously CARBON NEUTRAL

fairdealphil said...

Well spotted fact it was likely to have been THREE crossings...!

1. MD - DSJ (at the chippie),

2. DSJ to Deeping Gate (over the footbridge at the Crown and Anchor).

3. Deeping Gate to DSJ (over the footbridge east of The Bell).

And of course, going south of the river into Deeping Gate, means the lad's ventured not only into an alien parish, but into another REGION!

He's clearly an explorer.

As you can see from the photo, he's taking it all in his stride...