Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lincs does the Poachers proud...

The Lincolnshire 'Poachers' received a 'proper welcome home' when they marched through their home city of Lincoln today.

Top marks to the Echo for its week long campaign for support for the local soldiers of the Second Battalion, The Royal Anglians who are rightly marking their homecoming from the war in Afghanistan with a series of freedom parades across the region they recruit from.

Fortunately, the lincoln parade saw none of the nonsense from an insulting minority which marred a similar event in Luton earlier in the week, but good to see Muslim Community Leaders and Labour MP for Luton Margaret Moran dismissing protesters as not representing the views of the majority.

Important to remember that unlike the tolerant democracy we enjoy in UK, there is no right to protest in many countries, !

It was two out of two for Lincolnshire this week - as the Poacher's parade in Stamford earlier in the week also went off without a hitch.


Anonymous said...

Hear, Hear.

I'm still waiting to hear why the nutter with a banner saying "Anglian Soldiers Go To Hell" was not prosecuted because you can bet your bottom dollar that if someone had held up a banner saying "Muslim Protesters Go To Hell" they would have been nicked!

Airborne said...

Margaret Moran is just appeasing the locals, we really need to do less of that. Remember Islam is all about ruling the world. Dhimmitude is a sign of weakness, to be exploited, that is what Muslims think of us in the UK.

fairdealphil said...


If you read the link I posted, you'll see that those who represent the decent Muslim community in Luton have condemned the insulting actions of the fundamental few.

I find it interesting that you think local MP Margaret Moran condemning the protesters was "appeasing the locals"...what response do you expect to such actions from our elected representatives...?