Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tory Council Leader joins Labour over Cameron's tax chaos...

The Leader of a flagship Tory Council has quit the Conservatives and joined Labour in protest at
David Cameron's priority to give millionaires a tax-break rather than help working people struggling to pay their bills.

The Daily Mirror highlights the Tory tax chaos which led to the defection which rocked the Tories.

Terry Hipsey says Cameron should have listened to Ken Clarke who at the weekend tried to play down Tory plans for a tax break for millionaires by saying it was only an "aspiration".


Anonymous said...

Audit Commission report.

“There is a fundamental breakdown of relationships between some officers and members, adversely affecting the capacity and running of the Council. A mutual lack of trust and a high degree of suspicion is affecting governance arrangements, member decision making, interaction with officers and the ability of officers to operate corporately.”

...nothing to do with this then?

Anonymous said...

A nasty rumour suggests that the Tories hold control of Thurrock with BNP supports. Now what does "No good Boyo" aka "Call me Dave" say about that ?