Friday, March 13, 2009

Tory cuts that could cost our county dear...

The Tories who control the historic City of Lincoln have come up with the not-so-bright idea to save a few bob by shutting down the excellent tourism info centres.

One of them is the ideally placed heritage building - the beautifully restored former NatWest bank - on the cobbled square between the Castle and the Cathedral. And the other is on the prime site at the Cornhill on the main pedestrianised High Street.

Whenever I've been in either of the centres, they've been packed with people seeking infomation to assist their stay in our county, with helpful staff ready to sell the delights of Lincolnshire.

Lincoln - and the rest of the county - has a great deal to offer tourists - the finest Cathedral in the country for a start. But being slightly off the map, the city has always had to fight hard with places like York for its fair slice of the tourist cake.

Tourist information centres encourage those who do make it to the City to stay a while longer, perhaps discover a few more attractions on offer in Lincolnshire, and hopefully spend a few more quid to support the local economy.

Not surprisingly, a ring-round by the Lincs Echo reveals that other English cathedral cities think Lincoln's gone bonkers (or at least a bit daft) to do away with its tourist offices...

Meanwhile Lincolnshire's neighbour Rutland is preparing for an upturn in tourism this year as more people are expected to holiday in UK rather than venture abroad.

Sounds to me - and a lot of other people - that the people who run Lincoln need to rethink before they kill the goose that lays the golden eggs...

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