Friday, April 04, 2008

Lincs MP calls for Government cap on police budget...

Tory MP Edward Leigh is the latest to call for the Government to use its capping powers to stop the 78.9 per cent increase in precept set by Lincolnshire Police Authority, the biggest increase in the country by a country mile. Full story in theGainsborough Standard.


Anonymous said...

Edward is absolutely right.

According to today's Echo part of the money is being spent on 230 support staff.

230 support staff!

Why don't they concentrate on cutting crime rather than pen-pushing bureacracy?

Anonymous said...

I am pleased that at least one MP is supporting a cap. Many MPs from other counties have also written to the Home Office requesting capping. However, I am unsure about other county representatives? The Spalding Guardian had a petition asking people to support the police and demand a higher funding from central government. It did not say that John Hayes wanted capping. I contacted Douglas Hogg and had a lovely reply. However, he firmly blamed the government and was unable to demonstrate to me how Lincolnshire Police had suffered compared to other police forces. Are all of our MPs in favour of capping?

As you know Phil, police authorities up and down the country are complaining about funding and many are using the same arguments regarding funding "per capita" as Lincolnshire Police Authority and Chief Constable. Interesting, I thought that number of residents was only one factor in the formula. Are the Authority and Chief Constable using statistics inappropriately? I personally think I am best using Home Office research than a report commissioned by local forces. The Home Office have to balance budgets fairly and also consider taxpayers. The Chief Constable only has to consider policing and I don't know what the Authority's aims are. To support the police regardless of cost and dress it up with protecting and meeting the community's needs?

At least Edward Leigh is supportive of the local taxpayer. He also speaks with some authority being Chair of a select committee whose members know a thing or two about finances!

Like Geoffrey, I am astonished at the number of additional support staff. It is also amazing the various jobs available withing such a small police service. It would be wonderful for us to know this, together with all other documents. As it is, we are left with the feeling that our Chief Constable supported by the police authority believes that money grows on trees.