Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blog-ads make more strange bedfellows...

Had to chuckle at this extract from today's Diary in The Guardian:

Much embarrassment at the Green Arrow Forum, the bloggers' website that supports the BNP. At the top of the site is an advertisement for singlemuslim.com, the UK's leading Muslim marriage service. This has caused much consternation to the perplexed BNP bloggers.

It transpires that the ads are placed by Google, whose computerised brain must have noted that the Green Arrow constantly refers to Islam and thus thought this would be an appropriate site for lonely Muslim hearts. Some BNP bloggers have also twigged this and suggested that in future, Islam be referred to only as "the threat to the west" to avoid confusion.
Even more enjoyable than the recent ad promoting Ken Livingstone which appeared on Tory Iain Dale's Diary...

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