Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fair Deal for Deepings finally delivered today with free off-peak bus travel...

Discrimination by our local council against over-59s in The Deepings officially ends today - thanks to Gordon Brown!

For years, Grantham-based South Kesteven District Council has insisted on one of the meanest travel concession schemes in the country - which hit those in Deepings the hardest.

Deepings pensioners and disabled people have had to pay more to get to Queensgate shops or local hospital appointments because SKDC refused to join other councils in Lincolnshire and allow concessionary travel to destinations outside SKDC borders.

It was the local campaign I started some seven years ago for improvements that led to me becoming known as Fair Deal Phil.

So today really is very special to me - and to the 11 million people who will benefit from the new nation-wide travel concessions brought in by the Labour Government.

But from today, disabled people and those aged 60 or over will benefit from free off-peak travel on the buses.

Details here.

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