Saturday, April 26, 2008

Number of Lincs students doubles - thanks to Labour.

Great news to see that the number of young people in full-time education or apprenticeships has doubled since Labour started paying students a weekly allowance.

The Tories who control Lincolnshire County Council have done nothing to help young people continue their education. I believe it is outrageous that the Tories have scrapped free transport to schools and colleges for over-16s.

As Opposition spokesperson at LCC, I campaigned - with others - to continue free transport for those staying on at school and others in full time education.

My argument is simple: Lincolnshire has the lowest proportion of young people staying on at school and the least qualified workforce in the country.

It's no coincidence that we are also one of the lowest-pay, lowest-skill economies in the UK.

In my view, improving education chances is the key to changing this - both to benefit individuals, but also to strengthen the economy of Lincolnshire.

But Lincolnshire Tories won't listen. Instead of joining with Labour to encourage more of our young people to stay in full-time education, Lincolnshire Tories insist on snatching back a slice of the Educational Maintainance Allowance generously paid directly paid into their bank account by the Labour Government.

And next year, they intend grabbing an even bigger slice...

Despite the Cameron spin, Lincolnshire Tories haven't changed a bit.

Their Leader David Cameron says it's wrong to split children into sheep and goats through the 11-plus - but refuses to take on his own party.

So the same Lincolnshire Tories who top-slicing the budget of every state school in the county to raise £2 million to send a select few children to private school - - will next year take even more money from students for their travel.

The story of the increase in those staying on is in tonight's Lincolnshire Echo.

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