Monday, March 13, 2006

Vandals strike again

Arrived back in DSJ tonight after a few days away and depressed to see the phone box opposite Deepings School has been trashed yet again.

The clear panels on at least two sides has been smashed for the umpteenth time.

It must cost a small fortune to keep on repairing the panels. It only seems a few weeks since last time.

Why don't the phone company invest in shatter-proof glass?

No doubt they'll be an outcry if the company finally give in and take the facility away, depriving the few kids in the school who don't have mobiles...

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Anonymous said...

The bus shelters on both sides of Church Street opposite the Red Cross shop in Market Deeping have also both been trashed.

It takes considerable determination to break the safety glass (shatters into small granules to avoid cuts and impalement) used on them and the phone booths.

Why do they do it? I was going to ask if anyone had got into the minds of such vandals to find out. But then I realised ...

... it is mindless vandalism.