Thursday, March 16, 2006

Head teacher resigns in disgust

How deeply sad that an excellent Head Teacher has quit her job over the bungled school closure policies being steam-rollered through by the Conservatives despite massive opposition.

The Lincolnshire Echo front page tonight tells how Lorraine Smith, head at Ermine Infants, Lincoln, says that the decision to close her school was about "politics and not education".

After 13 years in charge at Ermine Infants, Lorraine has been snapped up to be Head of a Nottinghamshire school.

With her school threatened with merger and no guarantee she would have a job at the merged school, who can blame her for quitting Lincolnshire.

She told the Echo that after many sleepness nights, the only reason she applied for a new job was because she couldn't stand to see her school close.

Our over-worked teachers deserve much better than the shabby way they are being treated by the Conservatives at Lincolnshire County Council who simply refuse to listen to reason.

Our children deserve better too.

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Anonymous said...

Thats a typical Tory Run Council for you. We have suffered here in Cradley in the West Midlands after losing our only secondary school in the area. Our kids are farmed out to other areas, losing their friends. teachers left with no jobs and continual lip service from the Tory run Dudley Council.
Two years on the effects are still devastating. You are right, it is all about politics.