Friday, March 10, 2006

Another £2 million to Stamford Endowed Schools

When my Conservative colleagues at Lincolnshire County Council decided their spending priorities a couple of weeks ago, they decided they could only afford 52 pence a week per individual on youth services.

Yet they also handed Stamford Endowed Schools more than £2 million of our money to send a few selected Stamford children to public school.

Every school in the county gets its budget cut to pay more to Stamford Endowed.

In my view, it's an absolute scandal, specially when we have have to pay for something that our own children in Deepings are denied access to, no matter how talented...

I've long campaigned against this injustice.

My latest salvo is another written question which I've tabled at today's County Council meeting.

My question to the Executive Member is:

As you will be aware, this Council’s controversial contract to provide some 350 places at Stamford Endowed Schools is open to review later this year when it becomes possible to give two years notification to terminate the arrangement.

Would the Executive Councillor please say when the Review Panel set up to look at the scholarship policy will make it’s report to this Council.

What is the process and timetable by which the Council will decide whether to terminate or renew its contract?

....Watch this space for the answer!!!

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Anonymous said...

I guess lowering all education to the lowest common denominator is - in your view - a noble cause.

If your arguments were rational I suspect you would have received more support in the poll that was run by the Stamford Mercury in 2006, however as usual it smacks as the normal class warrior tirade favoured by out of date tired labour politicians. Never fear Gordon will get his just desserts, and hopefully so will you.