Sunday, March 12, 2006

They need holding to account!

Following my blog on Friday about the Leader of the council accusing me of trying to destabilise his local schools, the bad-tempered county council meeting produced another gem.

Leader Martin Hill was angry that the proposals to close and merge schools and claimed the decisions had been "called in" for a re-think for "political purposes".

He seemed blissfully unaware that at least one of the daft decisions was voted against unanimously by councillors of all political parties and none. And that included members of the controlling Conservative group!

Later at Friday's meeting, Christine Talbot, the Conservative Executive member responsible for secondary schools, actually objected the Opposition asking questions.

It's worrying that only months after the Government inspectors headed back to London, the council seems to be slipping back into bad habits.

As a member of the Opposition, I believe our very role is to attempt to hold her, Martin Hill and the rest of the Executive to account.

That's why I'll keep asking the difficult Questions.

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