Friday, June 06, 2008

Surely not a Third whoopsie Davey...?

A third Tory MEP is under pressure after revelations about expense claims appeared this afternoon on the blogsite Guido Fawkes.

The BBC has just reported that Scottish MEP John Purvis - seen here with David Cameron - has issued a statement saying 'he doesn't know' if he has broken the rules.

Yesterday, Giles Chichester admitted breaching the rules on expenses after reports that he's paid his family £445,000 in public money.

He stupidly tried to laugh off the scandal by saying: 'whoops-a-daisy...' before he was forced to step down asa Leader of the Tories in Europe.

This afternoon, Den Dover was forced out as Tory Chief Whip in Europe: I understand that the Conservative Party have denied that his removal has anything to do with media stories today that he paid his wife and daughter three-quarters-of-a-million pounds of public money from the European Parliament.

Now a third Tory appears to be in te frame...

With what looks like three whoopsies in 24 hours, Tory Leader 'Davey' Cameron must be wondering where it will all end.

Meanwhile, thought you'd enjoy this snap of Giles Chichester taken before he was forced to step down as Leader of the Tories in Europe.

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