Saturday, September 29, 2007

Torygraph delivers the good news...

The Conservatives are now trailing Labour by 11 points, a new Daily Telegraph poll shows, leaving David Cameron on the brink of a landslide defeat if an early election is called.

The Tory leader faces a crucial party conference as the survey shows that Gordon Brown's lead almost doubled in the past week.
Intro and graphic from Saturday's Daily Telegraph

With a queue of prominent Tories queuing up to handbag their leader in Blackpool this week, Cameron's Conservatives might just implode this week.

But don't write them off just yet. Endless speculation this weekend about the possibility of a snap November General Election, coupled with Gordon Brown and Labour ten points ahead in the polls might be grim enough news for some Tories to actually back their Leader.

An interesting week ahead...


Anonymous said...

I think alot of this could be down to media coverage during the week the poll was taken.

Have to see what Blackpool brings.

Going to the press v party football match with DC at Blackpool FC on Sunday at 11am.

You might be lucky enough to spot me if you watch the tv news.

fairdealphil said...


hope you score.