Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tory 'fightback' begins with Golden Silence...

Tories in Blackpool discovered that silence is golden on the opening day of their make or break Conference as the sound was cut off to the main hall for at least 20 minutes.

The silence descended just as the opening speakers attempted to rally despondent delegates with talk of a great week ahead for Conservative fortunes and how the Great Tory Tory fightback had begun...

Then the mikes were apparently switched off, and delegates started moaning that they couldn't hear.

According to Michael White of The Guardian, one hack from a Tory paper suggested the delegates turn up their hearing aides...

One (Labour) MP quipped that the Golden Moments of Silence provided the most sense anyone has heard from the Tories for years...!

Wasn't it the hapless IDS, one of David Cameron's many predessessors over the past few years, who told a previous Tory Conference that he was about to turn up the volume (shortly before losing his job as Tory Leader...)

Seems the current leadership has managed to turn the volume OFF...!

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