Sunday, September 30, 2007

Anne tells hubby: You are the weakest link: Goodbye...

I wonder how many of tomorrow's papers will have this headline after today's news from the BBC about Anne Robinson's marriage.

I realise her nasty TV persona is supposedly an act to boost her ratings, but don't think I've managed to get through an entire episode of her show without discovering the 'off' button.

Personally, it always amazes me how people queue up to be humiliated by her icy-tongued put-downs on her awful show.

My attitude did thaw a degree or two recently when I happened to see a documentary on how Annie fought - and beat Fleet-Street-induced alcoholism, how she lost her job at the top of journalism and how she climbed (clawed??) her way back to greater fame and fortune through a break on television.

But if her long-suffering husband and one time agent John Penrose, has managed for 27-years - some of them clearly very difficult - and there's no-one else as reported on the BBC, one wonders why they don't patch up their current problems and stay the course now she's a mega-star...?

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