Friday, May 09, 2008

Tory who didn't have the balls to tell the truth...

A newly elected Tory councillor has been forced to resign today after his past as a liar and a cheat was exposed by the Daily Mirror.

He took time off his job at Tesco's, claiming he was suffering from testicular cancer. But within days of his election to a council in Hatfield, Herts, it's been revealed that he made the whole story up.

This morning, after the story appeared in the Mirror, he fell on his sword and resigned. No doubt he now feels the pain of a kick in the ballots.

I know where I'd send the bill for the costs of the by-election that will now be needed.

Same Old Tories eh?

UPDATE: The Welwyn and Hatfield Times has now confirmed that Tesco Tory boy has resigned his seat on the council - exactly a week after winning it - and a by-election will be held.


Anonymous said...

Do you hold any hope of winning the by election Phil?

fairdealphil said...

Hi Geoffrey,

looks like the bookies don't give us a chance of winning, and it would be a major achievement for the governing party to hold any by-election mid-way through third term - as you guys can testify...

but candidate selection should help us:

the local labour party have selected an excellent candidate in Tamsin to carry on the feisty Dunwoody tradition.

and you guys have selected Timmy Timpson who i see is being portrayed as the Tory Toff.

haven't been up there yet to test the waters, may get up in the last few days...

have you been up yet??

look forward to bumping into you on the doorstep!!!