Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dennis Skinner on the case...

Dennis Skinner was on top form at Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions, highlighting donations to help run the offices of the Tory Shadow Cabinet.

The veteran Labour MP for Bolsover (I refuse to call him a Beast!) pointed out Her Majesty's Opposition receives £4.7 million a year in public money to run their offices. But he reminded MPs that a Government enquiry had caught the Tories receiving extra donations.

As Dennis put it, in the way only Dennis could, the Tories had been caught claiming benefits from the state while making money on the side!

Dennis didn't mention that some of the 'cash on the side' came from
vested interests.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown confirmed that the Tories received £4.7 million a year to run their Shadow Cabinet offices and suggested that it might be time to question whether it was money well spent!


Anonymous said...

I want to hear your views on a certain by-election on Friday morning.

Are Labour in Meltdown?

By the way, I have already called the result!

fairdealphil said...

Well Done Geoffrey.

i think we all called the result of this one a fortnight ago...!!

the smallest majority defended by Labour at a by election since before 1997 and a difficult world economic situation.

it was always on the cards for the Tories to win their first by election for three decades...

thankfully, one by-election doesn't make a general election - as Labour discovered time and again in the 1980s and early 1990s...

didn't go myself - were you up there Geoffrey??