Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton refuses to step down in case Barack Obama is assassinated... ?

I was sent a clip of Hillary Clinton's latest gaffe today, which seems to suggest that it's worth her hanging in there in case the front runner Barack Obama is gunned down, as Bobby Kennedy was 40 years ago.

I understand the New York Senator has already apologised to the Kennedy clan for any offence caused by her remarks...

But hopefully the story will contribute to bringing the race for the Democratic nomination to a conclusion.

The Clinton-Obama duel has already gone on far too long.

Over the past week or so, with Hillary looking increasingly desperate and now the clear underdog in the contest, she has been flagging up the possibility of running on the ticket as VP to Barack Obama.

But even that now seems less likely with some reports saying that the Super Delegates at the Democratic Convention which she is relying on are turning away from her in favour of Barack Obama...

The way that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been tearing pieces out of each other in recent weeks, makes the prospect of a John McCain victory and another Republican in the White House a distinct possibility - whereas a year ago the idea would have been laughed out of court...

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