Sunday, November 04, 2007

Race row Tory says 'no regrets...'

The Tory who says Enoch Powell was right on immigration says he could have remained a Conservative candidate if he had apologised for his remarks.

But Nigel Hastilow has not withdrawn his comments and has resigned rather than apologise. Tonight he told the BBC he has 'no regrets'.

Earlier, his local Conservative Association chairman said he had done nothing wrong.

All of which says much about David Cameron's lack of leadership and failure to change the values of rank and file Conservatives.

Last time Nigel Hastilow hit the headlines was when he wrote on his website that the Conservative Party was a "lost cause".

He was right then.

He's wrong now.


Anonymous said...

It was revealed today that the Conservative candidate for the parliamentary constituency of Halesowen and Rowley Regis, Nigel Hastilow, will be summoned to an urgent meeting with Conservative Party chairman Caroline Spelman to explain his comments in a column for the Express and Star newspaper in Wolverhampton.

Mr Hastilow said that when you ask most people in the Black Country what the single biggest problem facing the country is, most say immigration. He went on to say that many insist ‘Enoch Powell was right’. What is meant by this is Enoch Powell’s famous ‘rivers of blood’ speech.

Work and Pensions Secretary, Peter Hain, insisted on the Andrew Marr show that this exposed the racist underbelly in the Conservative Party. However this is just typical far-left hysteria. What Mr Hain forgot was that Mr Hastilow was expressing the views of people in the Black Country and not necessarily his own.

Although let us be honest, Enoch Powell was absolutely 100% correct. He was saying that unchecked immigration could destroy this country. And ‘surprise, surprise’ almost 40 years later that is precisely what we are seeing. But it is not just unchecked immigration that is destroying this country it also the doctrine of multiculturalism.

Unchecked immigration and multiculturalism have let to a massive increase in Muslims, which has let to an increase in mosques and this has let to home grown terrorists who try to blow up people on their way to work. If this country kept a better grip on immigration and introduced assimilation, like they have in the USA, then we would not have home-grown terrorists.

Another problem with multiculturalism is the constant pandering to the ethnic minorities. We now have a situation that employers can not employ the best person for the job but have to employ a black or asian person in order to fulfil a quota imposed upon them by the Commission For Racial Equality.

Under multiculturalism it is ok for foreigners to speak their own language and not bother to learn English properly or at all! The biggest problem with this can be see within the NHS where doctors and nurses are supposed to help patients but this is becoming increasing problematic because the patients sometimes can not understand what the doctors or nurses are saying due to their lack of correct English.

I know some Tory tossers are going to say that Enoch Powell was not right and how my comments are disgraceful but according to American pollster Douglas Schoen and University of Oxford academic R.W. Johnson, Enoch Powell had directly attracted 2.5 million voters to the Conservative Party at the 1970 general election and the Conservatives won the election as a result. So the Tories should show some gratitude towards the legacy of Enoch Powell.

I believe that any immigrants to the UK have to follow the laws of this country and be able to speak English correctly. If I went to live in another country I would have to obey their laws and speak their language so why shouldn’t we expect immigrants to Britain to follow British laws and be able to speak English.

fairdealphil said...

rumsfeld's extreme right commentary appears remarkably similar to the BNP rant on the disgrace of Mr Hastilow.

two points to note:

1. Mr Hastilow has made it quite clear that the views expressed on Enoch and the Rivers of Blood were his own.

2. You are wrong to dismiss criticism of Mr Hastilow as 'typical far-left hysteria'.

Among those who condemned Hastilow yesterday for 'insensistive, inflammatory' language was David of the most right-wing Tories in Cameron's Shadow Cabinet.

Mr Hastilow is a disgrace. It's right he's no longer a candidate -the only question is why Cameron didn't have the strength of leadership to sack him.

Anonymous said...

My article is not extreme right, but its is right: right in saying that multiculturalism and UNCHECKED immigration has ruined this country.

I am sick of people like you anonymous who say that anyone who tells the truth on this subject is a racist and does not have a valid opinion.

Anonymous said...

I think if anyone is a racist here it is Gordon Brown for using language normally associated with the BNP.

What was it?

British job for British workers!

Even the most right wing of Conservatives never used that tone.

Anonymous said...

To those far-left pansies who believe that the terrorist threat is somehow exaggerated for some strange reason may want to take a look at today’s news. Samina Malik (right) 23, who is from Southall in west London was today convicted under the Terrorism Act. This evil terrorist, who had the gall to call herself the ‘lyrical terrorist’, was found guilty at the Old Bailey of owning terrorist manuals.

The jury heard how Malik had written extremist poems praising Osama Bin Laden, supported martyrdom and discussing beheading. Like all terrorists Malik had worked somewhere where she could put her terrorist skills to practical use. She had worked at WHSmith at Heathrow Airport until her arrest last October.

Malik said the poems were ‘meaningless’, but prosecutor Jonathan Sharp said: "These communications strongly indicate Samina Malik was deeply involved with terrorist related groups". Also Police said they had found a library of Islamist literature in her bedroom including ‘The Al-Qaeda Manual’ and ‘The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook’.

For once I would like to praise British Justice for removing, what is clearly, a highly dangerous terrorist killer from the streets of Britain. And to those pedantic far-left wimps who say ‘actually she didn’t kill anyone’, well I say it was only a matter of time before she did commit a terrorist atrocity which would have killed many innocent people. The example of Malik shows that the terrorist laws are indeed needed to protect the public.