Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Best ham and bacon is on our doorstep...

Good to see our home-grown Grasmere Farm here in Deeping St James featured in The Times guide to the best ham and bacon this Christmas.

Here's the full listing, the only entry for Lincolnshire:

Stuart Stables of in Deeping St James, Lincolnshire, is one of a committed bunch of producers who cling to the traditional method of dry-curing ham and bacon. (Industrial fast-curing methods in which the hams are injected with brine means that when you cook the whole hams they shrink dramatically, or in the case of bacon, leach out the excess liquid into a white puddle in the pan).

Stables’ family also rear all their own pigs, which are fed on meal milled in their own water mill.

As well as the hams and bacon, you can order sausages (including the famous Rutland sausage), fruity stuffings and every cut of pork.

A whole, unsmoked, uncooked bone-in ham (minimum weight 8.6kg) is £45.95, online, or check the website for details of farmers' markets (01778 342344; www.grasmere-farm.co.uk).

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