Saturday, November 10, 2007

Police support officer saves drowning motorists: but LibDems join Tories in attack on police...

Sad to hear LibDem peer Shirley Williams' cheap and wholly unwarranted attack on the police on Any Questions this weekend.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 programme, she said:
It would be nice if Neighbourhood Policemen actually saw themselves as responsible for saving drowning seems extraordinary that they think they can stand to one side and watch it happen.
It was a disgraceful reference to the actions in the summer of two community police officers called to a Wigan lake where a young boy had drowned.

As I reported following a similar attack by David Cameron in his Conference speech, it has been established that the police officers did not stand to one side and watch.

The inquest heard that sadly, the boy was probably dead before the officers arrived and there was nothing they could do to save his life: No-one knew which part of a lake the size of a football pitch he was in, and visibility was nil in the black water.

Of course, the real problem for both the Tories and the LibDems is that they opposed the very idea of police community support officers when they were introduced by Labour - and now they can't bear to admit they were wrong.

PCSOs - and neighbourhood policing - have been an enormous success.

Maybe either David Cameron or Shirley Williams will find it in their hearts to recognise the bravery of the PCSO officer left injured in a 'hit and run' as he attempted to talk to a driver.

What about honouring the PCSO praised in tonight's Peterborough Evening Telegraph who waded into flood waters and saved two people trapped in a car..?

Don't hold your breath...


Anonymous said...

What Blunkett said about the threat to fine youngsters for not going on courses was more interesting than this.

fairdealphil said...

probably to some, but perhaps not to police community support officers and their colleagues...