Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cameron's Conservatives Coop Cheek...

David Cameron has a brass neck claiming Conservativism as the heir to the Cooperative traditions at the heart of the Labour movement.

I liked the comment by straight-talking Salford MP and Communities Minister Hazel Blears:

Conservatism and Cooperation go together like chalk and cheese...


Anonymous said...

The obvious point about this is that if you vacate ground others will come along to fill it.

Just like the Tories pledging to tax the non-doms.

The pledge had credibility only because Labour had abandoned sentry duty.

Anonymous said...


fairdealphil said...

yes, good headline, but unfortunately it won't bring in the money the tories say it will -and could have precisely the opposite effect of frightening investors away from uk plc.

it seems the 'non doms' to be hit hardest by the tory plan would not be the fat cats, but ordinary people such as health workers who are already paying taxes like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

So we don't tax the non-doms because it might scare off investors.

Well, how right wing can you get?

Face it, the Tories are to the left of Fair Deal Phil on this one.

fairdealphil said...

This country will never vote for far left or far right - which is why Labour was unelectable in the 1980s and why the Tories have been unelectable for the past 15 years.

What's best for Britain is, IMHO, far more important than who is left, right or centre...

A strong, stable, vibrant economy that brings prosperity for all and creates millions of new jobs gets my vote every time in contrast to boom-and-bust, crippling interest rates which almost drowned me and millions of others, Black Wednesday incompetence and four million on the dole delivered by Cameron and Co last time they ran UK plc.

Anonymous said...

Slippering and sliding, Phil.

Is it right to tax the non-doms?

It is a fair question.

It is an important question.

It is a question that the Tories have answered.

It is reasonable to ask Fair Deal Phil without him getting on his high horse.