Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nasty Jim Davidson gets his marching orders...

I’ve always suspected so-called comedian Jim Davidson was an unsavoury character – and his behaviour on the 'reality' TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” last night shows just what a nasty piece of work he really is.

Full marks to ITV for quickly chucking Davidson off their show after his offensive homophobic rant against one of the other celeb guests in the kitchen...

And credit to former boxing champ Barry McGuigan who pulled no punches, telling Davidson on air that he has “issues that he should get sorted”.

As host Angus Deayton commented as Davidson's attempt at returning to mass audience TV was cut short: " Mr Davidson begins his long journey back to....the 1970s."

Nic Nic Not funny Jim. Good riddance.


Will Parbury said...

Mmmmmmmmmm Would that be Jim Davidson the star turn at many a Tory fundraiser.

Anonymous said...

For the other side of the comedy argument read Mark Thomas in today's Guardian.

He is stopped and searched for being overconfident.

Yes, that's what it says on the slip that was given to him.

So watch out all you confident types.

Anonymous said...

The producers of this show knew exactly what they were getting when they asked Davidson to be on it. They knew he was likely to say something bigoted to any of his fellow contestants who weren't white heterosexual men, and hoped this might provoke interest in the show. He shouldn't have been on the programme in the first place. I'm only glad that they haven't succeeded, because the sour-faced misery guts isn't as interesting or funny a character as Jade Goody.