Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cameron's flip-flop on Tory plan for supermarket parking tax...

I've been pulled up for missing David Cameron's comments backing away from today's Tory policy report which calls for an end to free parking at supermarkets. I had to search, but have found that the Tory Leader did indeed get his rebuttal in early to the Tory Report he commissioned, before it was published, but not before the backlash against the idea had started...!

Here it is, from yesterday's Daily Mail:

David Cameron today began backing sharply away from a Tory green policy report calling for the end of free parking at supermarkets and the expansion of airports.

Amid a backlash from activists, MPs and a major party donor, the Tory leader moved to extricate himself from proposals that threaten a renewed bout of in-fighting.

The proposals were attacked by Tory Party donor and advisor to Cameron, the chief executive of Next Simon Wolfson.

He said: "It is very unfair to impose taxes people were not expecting. If you have made an investment under a current tax system, it is wrong to change that."
And here's the Daily Mail from the day before yesterday when David Cameron appears to warm to the idea of a tax on supermarket parking...

Flip flop, flip flop...

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