Monday, July 17, 2006

Tory turmoil over schools scandal

Tory splits over the scandal of public school fees on the rates have spilled into the local press.

This week's Stamford Mercury reports that the three Tory county councillors for the town all wanted the grossly unfair scheme to continue - but were unable to carry the support of their colleagues in the Tory controlling group.

All three apparently lobbied their colleagues for the status quo and are now upset at the decision taken by the all-Tory Executive to scrap the scheme.

The fact that Colin Helstrip is in the exalted position of Chairman of the Council and Martin Trollope-Bellew is Chief Whip counted for nothing.

None of the three Stamford councillors are members of the Executive - in fact 67 of the 77 elected county councillors have no vote on the all-ToryExecutive which took the decision.

Still, I'm not complaining.

I've relentlessly raised objections to the scholarship scandal at every opportunity over the past five years.

And I'm glad my voice has been heard and the Executive have finally realised they can no longer justify £2 million a year on a scheme which milks the budget of every other school in Lincolnshire!

Brian Sumner and Martin Trollope-Bellew - who owns the Barholm Estate - told the Mercury they and fellow councillor Colin Helstrip are unhappy with the decision taken by their colleagues.

Martin says ending the scheme was against the interests of Stamford children.

I disagree.

Does he really believe it's in the interests of Stamford children who pass their 11-plus but fail to get one of the 50 places a year on the rates at Stamford Endowed to carry on with the £2 million a year scandal.

Tory Brian Sumner says "...there is no better education than a grammar school education."

Well thanks Brian. So we get second best from the Deepings Comp do we?

Rubbish Brian. If you cream off those deemed to be the brightest at the age of 11, it's no surprise that Grammar Schools get some of the best results.

But when you look at what places like Deepings Comp and others achieve will all-comers, the picture looks very different.

In my view, we should be providing the best education for ALL our children, not just a few at the expense of the rest.

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